Clavibacter michiganensis

Other names: 'Aplanobacter michiganense' (sic) (Smith 1910) Smith 1914, 'Bacterium michiganense' Smith 1910, 'Mycobacterium flavum subsp. michiganense' (Smith 1910) Krasil'nikov 1941, 'Phytomonas michiganensis' (Smith 1910) Bergey et al. 1923, 'Pseudomonas michiganensis' (Smith 1910) Stevens 1913, Aplanobacter michiganense, Bacterium michiganense, Clavibacter michiganense, Clavibacter michiganensis corrig. (Smith 1910) Davis et al. 1984, Corynebacterium michiganense, Corynebacterium michiganense (Smith 1910) Jensen 1934 (Approved Lists 1980), Mycobacterium flavum subsp. michiganense, Phytomonas michiganensis, Pseudomonas michiganensis

NCBI Species: 28447

List of pests/diseases

Bacterial canker of tomato
Bacterial Ring Rot of potato