Set that do not fit into any of the known classes, but that has resistance function.

List of Genes from Others class

PRGdb IDGene nameTypeSpecies
PRGDB129Asc-1referenceSolanum lycopersicum (Pythozome V13)
PRGDB1481At1referenceCucumis melo (Ensembl Plants release-51)
PRGDB1482At2referenceCucumis melo (Ensembl Plants release-51)
PRGDB1483Hm1referenceZea mays (Pythozome V13)
PRGDB1485Hs1referenceBeta vulgaris (Ensembl Plants release-51)
PRGDB1499Hm2referenceZea mays (Pythozome V13)
PRGDB135714Bs3referenceCapsicum annuum (Ensembl Plants release-51)
PRGDB135715Bs3-EreferenceCapsicum annuum (Ensembl Plants release-51)
PRGDB135723MloreferenceHordeum vulgare (Ensembl Plants release-51)
PRGDB150961RPW8.1referenceArabidopsis thaliana (Pythozome V13)